The meaning of colors in the world of flowers

Meaning of colors

  • Red: love, suffering, passion, courage, temptation, sultry, sacrifice (fight, fire).
  • White: simplicity, purity, virginity, peace, innocence, silence, joy, celebration, truth.
  • Yellow: light, joy, spring, glory, color of the sun, energy, growth, strength, spring feeling, envy, betrayal.
  • Magenta: exuberant, exciting, shocking.
  • Orange: warmth, richness, extroverted, strength, optimism, fun, sportsmanship, vitality, eroticism.
  • Bleu: divinity, infinity, spirituality, faith, sincerity, innocence.
  • Purple: royalty, sensuality, decadence, authority.
  • Pink softness, tenderness, joy, birth, restrained, romantic, sweet, innocent, light that breaks through.

Flowers show their colors

The Rose

  • Deep red: I want you!
  • Yellow misplaced affection, I love another.
  • Orange: fire and flame!
  • Pink: you and me.
  • White: trust me!
  • White and red: togheter forever!
  • Black: It's over!

The Lilac

  • Purple: spring love, you're my first love.
  • White: innocence, a symbol of your purity and beauty.

The Carnation

  • Red: ardency, I must see you soon!
  • Pink: encouragement.
  • White: pure devotion, I offer pure love.

The Chrysanthemum

  • Geel: coolness, I belong to another!
  • Rood: answered love, I love you.
  • Wit: honesty, I trust you completely, All souls, truth.

The Dahlia

  • Geel: dislike, your attentions make me uncomfortable.
  • Rood: rejection, you have too much expectations.
  • Wit: outright refusal, stop.

The Gerbera

  • Red: familiarity with each other, speak of friendship not of love.
  • White: indecision, I have not yet decided.
  • pink: uncertainty, I await your explanation.

The Iris

  • Yellow: suffering, I share your sorrow.
  • Purple: glow, my heart glows for you.